Has God spoken over you?

From our week 3 reading which took us through Genesis chpts 29 to 46, we want to study about the man Jacob.

Jacob was the 2nd of the two sons (twins) of Isaac and Rebecca.

Jacob, according to the Genesis 25 :23 was proclaimed to be the master amongst the two brothers, though he came after Esau was born; the Lord clearly told Rebecca that she has two nations inside of her and that the elder shall serve his younger brother.
If you go through the whole chapters we studied last week, you’ll understand that God predestined Jacob and it came to pass despite the challenges.

Most times, we are too worried and the fear for our lives, of failure and of frustrations makes us do things or engage in some ungodly and evil activities, and seek other alternative means of Protection, Solution and Survival, without finding out first what the Will of God is over the situations we find ourselves in.

In the case of Jacob, we learnt that after he deceived his father and took away Esau’s blessings, he feared that Esau his brother would seek to kill him therefore he fled to his maternal land and we know the rest of his story; how situations and people wanted to frustrate him even in the land he felt he had found peace and safety. But God, who had spoken over him even before his birth was yet with him and that alone gave him confidence and carried him through the difficult days; and he was finally blessed beyond measure.

Now the problem with some of us is the doubt we entertain in our conviction that we have God who’s there for us at all moments.

There’s always one thing I have always told people and that is…. As long as you are moving towards success, there must, REMEMBER, I used the word MUST always be tough challenges to check if you are qualified to have and hold that success. Otherwise, you won’t be able to manage and sustain that success when it finally arrives….

So, your major concern at any time you face tough problems should be :👇

1. Are we sure we have found the TRUE GOD?
Because, there are many gods everywhere in the world today but there’s only ONE TRUE GOD. (1st Corinthians 8 : 5 & 6).

2. After you must have found the TRUE GOD, your next concern should be, am I being led by the spirit of the TRUE GOD or am I still leading myself?

3. Are you sure that GOD has spoken over that situation you are in?

If you’re able to clear up these questions and are very convinced, then you don’t have to worry yourself about anything anymore, like: how do I solve this problem; what would become of me if…., how do I get this or that… etc…. Then, what would be your interest at all time is, what do I do to please God.
What is that lifestyle that I live which I am supposed to remove from my life so that the mercy of God can save me….

All your concern after you’ve checked yourself and your activities towards God’s services and you’re sincere in your worship and services to God, you’ll only have to be very attentive and diligent to always follow every instructions from God; then you will definitely have a happy and safe sojourning here on earth and at the end, enjoy a delightful life just like Jacob whose name was changed to ISRAEL when he moved from his Father’s land to another; he continued obeying God’s instructions even in a strange land and his fear of returning to his home was turned into a very delightful welcoming. (Genesis 31 : 3, 13, 17 &18)

May God help us to find Him, follow Him and obey all his instructions which are meant to guide and safeguard our lives in order for us to have a great life here on earth in Jesus most gracious name Amen.

Greatest Love of All!

The greatest thing that has happened to mankind is THE SACRIFICE OF JESUS CHRIST for our sins which is a perfect symbol of unconditional love.

Jesus gave up his own life just for you and I to live. How have you shown him that you appreciate what he did by offering himself even when he’s blameless?

The Bible says “that he died for all that they which live should henceforth live no longer for themselves but unto him who died for them and rose again”. (1st Corinthians 5 :15).

The greatest thing here is that after such a huge demonstration of true love to us by God and his son Jesus Christ, God never said we must believe and accept Jesus Christ but he says, whoever that believes will have everlasting life and not perish. (John 3 :16)…

This is to show that the decision to believe, accept and follow Jesus Christ is by choice and not by compulsion.

Only those who desires life believes, accepts and live for Christ Jesus alone. Why not decide today to accept and walk with Christ Jesus; and your life will never remain in darkness for Christ Jesus is the light of the world.

Jesus reigns forever and ever Amen.

Bible Text for today!

Psalm 143:10….

Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God: thy spirit is good; lead me into the land of uprightness.

For everyone who truly want to enjoy serving God, this should always be your prayer request to God; for when you learn to do God’s will, his hands will always be open to shower you with his blessings.

Most times, all we need is just the knowledge of God and the courage to do his will; not miracles all the time.

The knowledge of God, when made your daily guidance, will solve a bunch of problems for you which is more than just receiving miracles; because God will teach you how to protect whatever he’s given you so that the evil one will not take it away from you.

Pray this with with me :

Oh God, the maker of heaven and earth, teach me to do your will all the time so that it will be well with my soul. Amen